The Bucket List

So, it started as a late afternoon musing session and turned into a leather bound book of goals – some rather grandiose and probably not achievable, others very mundane, and still others are things that I can’t exactly “do” but can perhaps happen to me (although I did try to avoid the ones that were absolutely never going to happen and were beyond my means) but all are things that I want to do before I die. And it’s a huge list, but it’s gotten me sort of motivated to make things happen.
Here it is, in almost it’s entirety and in no sort of order, my bucket list:

Go for a hot air balloon ride
Cut my hair off & donate it to locks of love. Then grow it out and do it all over again. *half way done with this one*
Get a job I love, really really love, to go to every day
Have a candlelight dinner with someone I adore *this has happened in the past, but would like to actually enjoy such an experience in the future rather than being all embarrassed about it and totally unromantic as I was when much younger*
Own Chanel No. perfume
Have a complete stranger tell me I’m beautiful *out of my hands, I know, but it’s from a list of “things every woman should have happen in her life, written by Audrey Hepburn* Had this happen two times in one night! Yay for darkly lit bars!
Learn to play an instrument again
Get a pedicure *this one is scheduled for a few weeks from now, thanks to my friend Emily*
Make a quilt
Own a home of my own
Learn to dance. Then actually dance with someone.
Own a vintage Hasselblad camera
Complete epic tattoo of joy & love
Road trip across the United States
Quentin Tarentino movie fest with Liz, because she’s never seen all of “Reservoir Dogs” and that’s a crying shame
Hire a personal stylist for a day
Volunteer at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving
Rent a convertible and drive somewhere sunny – top down, scarf in hair, sunglasses on
Grow a garden
Bet on a horse. If he wins, bonus points.
Inner-tube down a river
Foster puppies for an animal shelter
Have a past life regression
Attend a Catholic mass
Have my fortune told
Read the entire Bible
Read the Koran
Learn to meditate *um, build that forrest Betty!*
Help build a Habitat for Humanity home
Participate in a Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program
Sell something I made
Own a bookstore *yes yes yes yes*
Attend a Broadway play
Attend a Cirque du Soleil show
Go to the Kentucky Derby. Wear a big hat.
Eat a whole bunch stuff I’ve never tried *this list is pretty massive, and includes huevos rancheros, baba ganoush, and sushi*
Eat at a cupcake bar
Go ice skating
Eat a hog dog at a baseball stadium (preferrably in Chicago or St. Louis)
Reupholster a chair (or couch)
Go to a jazz club in New Orleans’ French quarter
Go to the opera
See Monet’s Water Lilies *this one is happening soon!* Did this for my 31st birthday with Ani & Liz!
Go on a cruise.
Bake a cake from scratch. Once I did one, I went on to bake three or four more from scratch.
Try bangs again.
Camp riverside.
Find the perfect pair of brown boots. Because the 30 something pairs I have aren’t the “perfect” ones.
Pay for a stranger’s lunch or dinner. *tried this. Would like a redo without getting flipped off*
Send a birthday card ON TIME to everyone in my life for one full year. *maybe next year, haha*
Plant a tree.
Sleep on an overnight train
Walk through a corn maze.
Drive down Route 66
Swim with dolphins *okay so this one sounds cheesy…but really, I wanna do it*
Visit the San Diego Zoo
See the Grand Canyon.
Travel to a whole crap ton of places. *it doesn’t say crap ton on the list, it is just a HUGE list of places I want to see and experience*
Live in a foreign country for six months (at least)
Watch a sumo wrestling match
Ride a steamboat down the Mississippi River
Visit all of the States
Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Learn to play chess
Learn to play bridge
Grow orchids
Learn to make pottery. Make myself a coffee cup and drink out of it every morning.
See a meteor shower.
Make a kite and fly it
Own a classic car (late 60’s Mustang perhaps)
Learn calligraphy *oooh got a kit to learn this for Christmas*
Read every book by Flannery O’Connor
Watch “Citizen Cane”
Get a Masters degree
Get a PhD
Win a scholarship. Actually get to go to school and use it. *I won a few scholarships but didn’t utilize them when I was younger…sigh* Won the Hoover Psychology Scholarship last week! 5/7/12
Invest money
Get out of debt (umm, before investing, obviously)
Sleep in a castle
Own a vintage Chanel suit
Fly first class
Be a foster parent.
Get my palms read
Sleep in a haunted house
Win over $1000 in a lottery or raffle *totally out of my hands, I know
Be an audience member of a TV show
Get a henna tattoo
Visit a planetarium
Get a massage *gotta get over my being touched phobia* 4/12/12
Travel solo *inspired by Laura Hunter Johnson
Have a tiny cottage office in my backyard *inspired by Aunt Julie
Create my own perfume *I know the base note and that I need some pure vodka*
Go backstage at a concert *umm the Drive-by Truckers thing doesn’t count*
Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner
Meditate for 20 minutes a day for a year (after I learn how to haha)
Learn a new word every day for a year *grow vocab, grow*
Finish a book a fortnight for a year
Go sans television for a year (eek)
Be a maid of honor in someone’s wedding
Hold someone’s hand while they give birth
Be a good parent *is this measurable???*
Get married in Las Vegas
Ride a horse
Go on a blind date
Teach a class
Wear red, red public
Wear a ballgown
Catch a fish
Go vegetarian for a month
Sleep outside under the stars
Make moonshine. Drink moonshine.
Let my childhood crush know how I felt
Join a bookclub and actually stick with it.
Date someone that’s not my “type”
See a musical
See the ballet
Write a letter to my future grandchildren
get CPR certified
Walk a marathon. I would say run, but that’s probably never going to happen
Kiss a total stranger
Send a message in a bottle
Attend a music festival
Have really really blue hair *maybe when I’m 80
Send a letter a week for a year
Take a self-defense class
Learn sign language
Get my conceal and carry license and a little pearl handled handgun for my boot
Watch a foreign film at the theater *will be hard to do around here
Own chickens. Make an omelet from my chicken’s eggs.
Donate to charity instead of giving Christmas gifts one year *umm, judging from this year I don’t think that’s going to go over well haha*
Give only handmade gifts one year
Throw a cocktail party
Buy myself a diamond ring
Attend a ComicCon
Stay at a bed and breakfast
Create a book of favorite recipes to give to Analise when she gets married. Leave room for her to add recipes to give to her daughter.
Visit Graceland.
Watch the complete “Twin Peaks” series
Try contacts
Pick up trash at a park
Tell a joke in an elevator and make everyone laugh *tried this two days ago… laughter*
Sail on a sailboat
Swim in the ocean *it scares the bejeebus out of me*
Register to vote. Then – vote!
Learn to sew. Make a dress and wear it.
Overcome fear of heights and jump off of the high dive at a pool (a waterfall would be even better)
Take Analise on a roadtrip to anywhere she wants to go *Chicago, we’ll be seeing you this summer*
Take my pup on a roadtrip *she obviously doesn’t get to pick the destination
Be a mentor or a tutor
Put flowers on Edgar Allan Poe’s grave
Own pearl earrings
Find the perfect little black dress
Visit Lizzie Bordon’s house
Visit Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West and adopt one of his six-toed cats
Go to a hockey match
Learn to drive a stick shift
See a movie at a drive-in movie theater *I so miss the one in Energy
Take Jay to dinner and don’t let him pay!!
Give up caffeine for a month
Pet a giraffe
Take a cooking class
Go on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail
Donate at least 1% of my income to charity for a year *in progress*
Teach Ani to make lasagna 4/20/12, Ani and I made lasagna together.
Have a professional Katharine Hepburn inspired photoshoot *possibly in progress*
Hold a lamb. Don’t laugh.
Finish an entire crossword puzzle without googling the answers, looking at a dictionary, or cheating. *uh, was working on this, got stuck on one, went back to it and it had been thrown away*
Bowl a strike
Get a hole-in-one (mini golf would work)
Kiss someone under mistletoe *does anyone do that anymore?*
Own a piece of original artwork
Break in a brand new pair of cowboy boots
Join a wine of the month club and actually try all of the wine I receive, even the yucky dry red wine
Own a floppy eared giant bunny
Play paintball
Watch a demolition derby
Start a fire without matches
Get something named after me
Buy a Burberry trench coat
Wear high heels…in public (maybe with the red lipstick ha)
Plan a roadtrip entirely around weird roadside attractions
Watch a scary movie while home alone – without turning on all of the lights in the house
Pick wild berries. Make a cobbler.
Win a trophy or a plaque.
Graffiti something
Start a food fight
Go on a winery tour
Buy personalized stationary
Read all of the books on my “To Read” list. It’s huuuuuge.
Kiss on a ferris wheel while stuck at the top. <–this will require that I get over my fear of heights, as well.
Climb a tree
Own a pair of Frye boots
Join in a scavenger hunt
Be a human guinea pig.
Play matchmaker and set two friends up on a date.
Finish a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.
Own the perfect leather jacket
Visit the Pez museum
Raise a Bernese Mountain Dog from babydom to very old age
Learn to say thank you to compliments
Be published *I don't count my angsty teen junk*

Welp, there you have it. What do you think? Some of it's silly, I know, but still…yup, that's my list. What's on your list?
Also, anyone want to help me achieve these and/or do these things with me – let me know!


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7 responses to “The Bucket List

  1. Here’s a link to ‘a word a day’ – free email with a new word every day – you’ll know some of them, but not many and it doesn’t bring a ton of spam into your inbox Happy new year xxx

  2. Can I say fuck yeah on here? Fuck yeah, Betty! Awesome! I can do the regression for you, live or on the phone. Email me. You are too awesome. I’m going to make one!

  3. geekbetty

    AWESOME! thank you, Anna for the word of the day link.
    And hell yeah I want you to do a past life regression for me, Hil! Sending you my phone number!

  4. Betty, Betty, Betty,
    i will tell you any time at all that you are a beautiful person. Tha fact that you ate a beautifull woman too? Makes my job that much easier.
    When you do your roadtrip, put Rochester on your gps. You & yours have a room here on your travels.

    You’ve also inspired me to make a list of my own. Coming soon to a blog near you.

  5. Lapintornade

    Hi! Total stranger here………………………..

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  7. azzweepay

    That is one big ass list.

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