Wish List: Back to School

A sample of what I’ve been ogling for my back-to-school wardrobe. Hil, this sorta answers what I’ve been leaning toward now that I don’t want to wear vintage dresses as much (umm, read that as I can’t FIT in to any of my vintage dresses anymore ha).

This book bag

This tank

These vegan flats

This dress

This tunic

This oversized shirt

This dress

This linen tunic

This top

Oh, and I totally love this backpack too

Which backpack do you prefer?

What I’m looking for: clothing that can easily go from work to school, WITHOUT looking like I’m a pudgy middle-aged dumpy desk jockey (which I totally am but I don’t want to look it!!). All of these I can wear with flats and a cardigan to work and then throw moccasins or cowboy boots on for school.

Any other suggestions are welcome!

Also, obviously, I *heart* etsy.

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One response to “Wish List: Back to School

  1. You were talking to me in JULY and I only just noticed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that even LEGAL!? Ack. I’m an ass.I like the first backpack. The first dress is hideous, and the first tunic thingy is toooo awesome! Did you see the little japanese sneakers that gwen stephani did for target and now I have no little girls to buy them for? Harrumph.

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